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Marsing rallies around community’s first state title since 1965

 The community of Marsing welcomed home the high school softball team late Saturday night and held nothing back to celebrate the school’s and the community’s first State title in any sport since 1965.
  The caravan of a dozen cars and the bright yellow bus leading the charge six hours back to Marsing from Orofino was met on Saturday around 10:30 p.m. by an Owyhee County Sheriff’s Office truck, two Homedale Police Department cars and a Marsing Fire Department truck for an escort back to a community waiting to throw a party.
  “It was unbelievable,” Marsing coach Sean Hardy said. “We knew they were doing a little something; we just didn’t know they were going all-out.”
  When the Huskies’ bus was about a mile from the high school gym, they passed Big John’s Fireworks and were welcomed by what looked like the grand finale of a fireworks show. The light from the fireworks bounced off the bus and illuminated the all but dry faces of the girls as they hung their heads from the windows to see the community members lined Idaho 55.
  “I don’t think out of all those girls, we had a dry eye on the bus as we drove through town,” Hardy said. “A bunch of the girls said it was ‘just like a sports movie’ when we got to the gym. The closer we got to the school and when the fireworks went off, they were dumbfounded.
  “To see the community rally like they did was amazing. I knew it was a big deal to the community, but for that many people to show up and come out at 11 at night, that was huge. People pulled their babies out of bed to come down and celebrate. This just shows the character of the community.”
  Upon arrival at the gym, community members welcomed the team with signs and applause and lots of hugs and tears.
  “It made us feel like heroes getting off that bus,” Hardy said. “People painted the road with all the girls’ names and numbers, they had cakes at the gym for us. It was a proud moment to bring that home to the community.”
  Once inside the gym, Hardy took the 2A State championship banner up the man-lift in the gym and placed it where the nearly 200 attendance could get a glimpse of barely dry signatures of all the girls who pulled off the win.
  “It is hard to sum up all the support the community has shown,” Hardy said. “They couldn’t have done a better job if they had a week to plan it. The fact that the community pulled together on such short notice speaks volumes. Getting to hang that banner up there in front of the community was an honor.
  “We couldn’t ask for a better community. It made all the work and effort worth it to see everyone out there cheering and making this a special moment for the girls.”



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