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Droplet Irrigation finds a new home amongst other closures

 With the economy still struggling to pick itself up, one local business has seen an increase in sales, forcing a move to a new building and the hiring of two employees.
  For Homedale-based Droplet Irrigation and owner Jonathan Demcak, the prospect of finding a bigger location that has easier access was a tasking one.
  “We needed to find a location that had a better setup compared to where we were before,” Demcak said. “I wanted to stay in the community and remain in the rural communities which we serve.”
  Relocating from his street-corner shop on West Idaho and South 1st Street West, where some of the delivery trucks had to make two or three passes to get access, Demcak said the new location would offer easier access to everyone.
  “The draw was the visibility and the ease of access,” Demcak said. “Farmers can pull up with their trailers and we can load them up easier than we used to. The truck drivers will find it a lot easier as well.”
  Demcak picked up the lease on the old Valley Wide Supply building located on South 2nd Street East along U.S. Highway 95. The new building allows for nearly all the products Droplet Irrigation sells to be on display and not boxed up in the back room, Demcak said.
  With the steady up-tick in business for the specialty irrigation purveyor, Demcak went looking to add to his employee base of just himself. Recently he hired two employees, Anthony Hess and Daniel Demcak, to assist in the office and with outside sales.
  “We have been really busy,” Demcak said. “There is a possibility to add (employees) in the coming year, maybe another two or three. The new guys are local Homedale guys. I like keeping the local boys employed, plus they know everyone already, which makes things easy.”
  Even though he picked up a new location, he said it was somewhat of a careful decision with recent Homedale business closures.
  In recent weeks, Homedale Drive-In and Homedale Discount Store, both on East Idaho, and Norris Family Video have all closed their doors. The space on East Wyoming Avenue where the video rental store was located was renovated and now hosts Home Realtors of Idaho.
  “When I looked at the other businesses closing, it makes me more careful with my decisions,” Demcak said. “I was a little worried about the move with other stores closing around town, but the (agriculture) business is really strong right now.”
  While most of his large-scale irrigation projects are coming from outside of Owyhee County, Demcak is still working on finding growers and areas to install the custom drip irrigation tape he sells.
  “Most of the work and projects falls outside the county, but we have growers from the area coming in all the time,” Demcak said.



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