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ITD: Megaload in Homedale probably Saturday

 The Idaho Transportation Department released to local governments a shipment route for the water purification unit/heat exchanger that will spend at least a day traveling across Owyhee County.
  Although hours of transport haven’t been finalized, a fact sheet provided by ITD engineer Dave Jones to local governments stated that it is possible daytime hauling could be permitted on some sections of the route with nighttime travel permitted on highway sections of the route. Omega Morgan has a five-day permit to travel the 355-mile route through Idaho to Montana.
  ITD spokesman Adam Rush provided a list of turnouts that the shipment will use when encountering traffic or if a layover is necessary.
  According to Rush, flaggers and pilot vehicles accompanying the shipment will communicate when vehicles are approaching. The shipment will drive to the nearest turnout and pull in to let vehicles pass.
  There are 21 turnouts in Owyhee County that have been identified from two miles inside the state line on Idaho highway 19, to three on U.S. Highway 95 to 16 on Idaho 78 between Marsing and Hammett.
  Holly Zander, a spokesperson for the HIllsboro, Ore.-based hauling company, said in a Monday night email that the 376-foot-long caravan was expected to begin moving again. It had been stopped by snow south of Pendleton in Eastern Oregon.
  The 901,000-pound shipment is expected to arrive in Homedale via Oregon highway 201 sometime Saturday, according to ITD engineer Dave Jones’ email to local government (Zander said "four to five nights" in her Monday statement).
  According to ITD, the route through Owyhee County will take the 22.2-foot-wide, 18.11-foot-tall shipment on Idaho 19 in Homedale, south on U.S. 95 and Idaho 55 into Marsing and east on Idaho 78 through Marsing, Givens, Opaline, Guffey, Murphy, Grand View and Bruneau before connecting with Interstate 84 in Hammett.



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