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Disaster Auction steams toward golden anniversary event

 Tickets for the raffle associated with the annual Marsing Disaster Auction go on sale next week, and organizers continue to accept donations of items for the raffle as well as the 50th anniversary auction.
  As always, $1 raffle tickets will be available through Marsing schoolchildren in the fifth through eighth grades. Auction committee members and area businesses will sell the $10 raffle tickets.
  The auction will start at 10:13 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 5 at the Phipps-Watson Marsing American Legion Community Center.
  Contact committee members Deb Holzhey (573-3659) or Pete Smit (863-8742) or e-mail to donate to the raffle or auction.
  Auction organizers also are seeking input from community members to help fill gaps, correct names and years of past chairpersons for the upcoming golden anniversary auction.
  Holzhey is trying to complete her research on former chairpersons that she began in 2009 when she spent a better part of a day looking through past issues of The Owyhee Avalanche prior to 1990 in an attempt to complete the list dating to 1961.
  She is looking for anyone who might remember chairpersons from the 1967, 1972, 1973 and 1980 auctions.
  Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Holzhey at (208) 573-3659 or e-mail
  Marsing Disaster Auction Chairpersons 1961-2011
  1961-62, Dave Haken; 1963, Charles Falen; 1964, Vernon Haumann; 1965, Joe VanWassenhove; 1966, Roy Edminston; 1967, George Baalsen*; 1968, Harvey Saxton & Roman Usabel; 1969, Roman Usabel; 1970, Dick Symms; 1971, Warren Tolmie; 1972, Unable to locate; 1973, Gene Showalter*; 1974, Jack Harris; 1975, Gene Showalter; 1976, John Malmberg; 1977, Eldon Walker; 1978, Maurice Weaver and Dave Clapier; 1979, Maurice Weaver; 1980, Unable to locate; 1981, Roy Miller; 1982, Lynn Johnson; 1983, Bob Basey; 1984, Rich Dines; 1985, Darrell Watson; 1986, Roman Usabel; 1987, Rich Brooks; 1988, Brion Showalter; 1989, Steve Clapier; 1990, Golden Millet; 1991, Chris Salove; 1992, Terry Watson; 1993, Joe Usabel; 1994, Chuck Vincent; 1995, Morris Giedd; 1996, David VanWassenhove; 1997, Jerry Mayer; 1998, Herb Churruca; 1999, Donna Churruca; 2000, Jeff Percifield; 2001, Tim Dines; 2002, Mike Kiester; 2003, Pete Smit; 2004, Dusty Clover; 2005, Kelly Ineck; 2006, Ryan Dines; 2007, Cindy Floyd; 2008, Bob Carter; 2009, Betty Ackerman; 2010, Betty Ackerman and Pete Smit; 2011, Roman Usabel.
  * Avalanche article from 1967 and 1973 referenced a committee member reporting information (Baalsen and Showalter) but didn’t identify them as the chairperson from that year.

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